Soilwork / The Night Flight Orchestra guitarist David Andersson and French lyricist/poet/film-maker Tabris collaborate on a new progressive doom project. They first came in contact through an interview situation, and soon realized that they had a lot of musical, visual and lyrical ideals in common. They stayed in touch, and came up with the idea for SATI. Their vision was to create a new mystic world, based on emotions and a sense of wonder, as well as outlet for the deep despair that is unevitable for every thinking human being. All instruments and vocals are Andersson (except for one song, with vocals from Tabris), and all the lyrics, videos and accompanying texts are by Tabris. And it’s not for the faint-hearted.

”It was really liberating to create something completely spontaneous and experimental, being able to follow your every whim and idea, and create these suggestive soundscapes for Tabris’ wonderful lyrics, who are all in French, of course. It might not be for everyone, but I think that if you’ll understand it, you’ll love it. It’s been wonderful to be able to let all this noise out of my head and straight into these songs.” (David Andersson)

SATI will release 10 songs, SATI I-X, each as a weekly installment with a video and an accompanying text both in French and English, starting on January the 5th.

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